Asking Price For Valve’s Steam Machines Range From $459 to $4999; Gabe Newell Talks HTC-Powered Vive Headset


Shortly after confirming their release window, Valve has provided new details on the asking price for its diverse range of custom-built Steam Machines, all of which are slated to launch this November.

In outsourcing manufacturing to companies such as Alienware and Falcon Northwest, Valve has been able to run the gamut in terms of design, with the core trait being that all of the devices run and support SteamOS. As for pricing, the entry model — built by iBuyPower — will weigh in at $459.99, with the spectrum stretching all the way up to the mammoth Falcon Northwest model, which ranges from $1999 to an eye-watering $4999 depending on the technical components you choose to line its striking frame with.

Valve has detailed all of the specifications for each custom build through the Steam Machines website, where you can delve into the technical minutia.

But the Steam Machine wasn’t the only focus of the company’s GDC showcase, as it also dedicated a significant chunk of time to talk all things virtual reality. As many had speculated, Valve has now entered the market with its HTC-powered Vive headset, and it seems the developer has cracked the case of the medium’s longstanding problem with motion sickness. According to head honcho Gabe Newell, Vive will minimize the side-effects by allowing the device to track the motion and movement of the player before translating it into the VR experience.

In fact, during the period of testing, Newell even went so far as to say that “zero percent of people get motion sick.” A bold claim, sure, but we’ll likely learn if Valve really is onto something with Vive as the device nears its launch. As for those aforementioned Steam Machines, you can glimpse the models and their respective prices below.

iBuyPower SBX $459.99
Alienware Steam Machine $479.99
Syber Steam Machine $499.99 – $1399.99
Gigabyte BRIX Pro $599.99
Asus ROG GR8S $699.99
Digital Storm Eclipse Steam Machine $699.99
Maingear DRIFT $849.99 Steam Machine $899.99
NextBox $799.99 – $1299.99
Webhallen S15-01 $949.99
ZOTAC Steam Machine SN970 $999.99
Scan 3XS ST Steam Machine $999.99 – $1299.99
Alternate Steam Machine $1099.99 – $1999.99
ORIGIN OMEGA Steam Machine $899.99 – $4999.99
Falcon Northwest Tiki Steam Machine $1999.99 – $4999.99