Atlus Rolls Out New Screenshots And Story Details For Persona 5


Pushed out of 2015 and later 2016, it’s small wonder why western fans have cooled their excitement for Persona 5.

But in accordance with Atlus’ staggered international launch, the JRPG sequel will hit Japan later this year, lending the publisher the opportunity to parade Persona 5 at the ongoing E3 trade show in Los Angeles. That promotional push has brought forth a series of screenshots and story details for the hotly-anticipated and über-stylish title, while IGN has premiered some offscreen gameplay to boot.

Recorded on the show floor, it’s hardly a cutting-edge, 1080p reel of footage; but at almost 12 minutes in length, it’s an extensive peek at Persona 5 in action. Meanwhile, Atlus also provided a story overview of the RPG, featuring high school teenagers, strange Persona and a crew of bandits known as the Phantom Thieves.

The protagonist and friends use a mysterious smartphone application given to them by Igor called “Isekai Navi” (Other World Navi), and infiltrate the other world of the heart, known as “Palace,” and reform evil adults.

The other world of the heart, “Palace,” is another reality seen in evil persons with warped hearts. Within the various extreme interiors of this other world, including old castles, art museums, and pyramids, the protagonist and friends aim at its hidden desires known as “treasures.”

Persona 5 will hope to woo its western audience on Valentine’s Day, 2017, while those in Japan can expect Atlus’ JRPG to make its bow in September.

Source: IGN