Atlus Set To Publish The King Of Fighters XIV In North America


The King Of Fighters XIV will be making its way to the Americas later this year thanks to a partnership between Atlus USA and series developer SNK Playmore. The partnership was confirmed by way of a new video (above) posted on the AtlusUSA YouTube channel, the description for which reads:

The legendary fighters in the upcoming THE KING OF FIGHTERS XIV will be making their stateside debut thanks to a partnership between SNK PLAYMORE and Atlus U.S.A. The vaunted fighting game series, which first made its debut 1994, is entering a new evolution with THE KING OF FIGHTERS XIV thanks to series-first 3D graphics and debuting exclusively on the PlayStation 4 console. THE KING OF FIGHTERS XIV will arrive to consoles later in 2016.

The King Of Fighters series, despite having been around since the early 90s, has traditionally never secured as large an audience in the Western fighting game community as the likes of other Japanese beat ’em series’ Street Fighter or Tekken, but that’s definitely no indication of inferior quality – it’s considered to be just as high on the quality scale as those two.

Unlike previous entries in the series, KoF XIV will feature fully-3D character models and stages, but keep movement and combat on a 2D plane, not dissimilar to the more recent Street Fighter titles.

The King Of Fighters XIV releases exclusively for PlayStation 4 later this year, and will feature more than eye-watering 50 playable characters. You can see the most recent roster reveals – Mui Mui and Kukri – in the trailer above.

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