Atomic Ninjas May Kick Its Way To PC


The spunky multiplayer brawler Atomic Ninjas may make its way to PC with an expected – and hopeful – release date of Q1 2014.

Earlier, we reviewed this game and gave it a decent rating, but noted its lack of single player content. Well, Grip Games will fix that issue along with a variety of other additions when it launches on PC. Furthermore, there will be Windows, Mac, and Linux support as well as improved graphics. And don’t worry about having to plug a controller in, Atomic Ninjas will be playable by keyboard and mouse.

But what is Atomic Ninjas? It’s an action-packed, party-throwing, laughter-inducing multiplayer brawler that features various ninjas battling it out using special movement options and weapons – oh and their wits, of course. With a number of modes and unique art that’ll satisfy your inner need for bright things, Atomic Ninjas is just pure fun.

Now here’s the semi-bad news: Atomic Ninjas will only go on PC if the Steam Greenlight campaign is supported by enough people, meaning you! So head on over and throw that vote as fast as a ninja would a shuriken. In the meantime, Atomic Ninjas is currently available on the PlayStation Network and the PlayStation Vita.