Atriox Arrives In The Latest Halo Wars 2 Trailer


During tonight’s The Game Awards ceremony, 343 Industries debuted a new trailer for the upcoming Halo Wars 2 that gives us a good look at the latest foe threatening the galaxy. The real-time strategy sequel is scheduled to launch on February 21, 2017 for Xbox One and Windows PC.

We already knew that James Cutter and the UNSC would be up against a new foe by the name of the Banished. We also knew the name of the leader of this army, the mysterious Atriox. Thanks to this new cinematic trailer, though, we know exactly the kind of power the vicious general possesses.

Relaying news from the frontline of the war, the A.I. construct Isabel paints a grim picture for the forces of good. Atriox, a brute the Covenant tried to take down but couldn’t, is seen taking down a squad of Spartans by himself. And while the axe-wielding monster has a grudge with the sinister Covenant, he now has his sights set on a much greater goal. With his legend growing, and his support along with it, it will be a tall task for the United Nations Space Command to save humanity from extinction.

Alongside the new cinematic trailer, 343 Industries also revealed what will come with Halo Wars 2: Ultimate Edition. Besides including the base game and Season Pass, those that pre-order the set will get access to the RTS four days early. And for those that really need to get their strategy fix, this edition of the game also comes with Halo Wars: Definitive Edition, an enhanced version of the original Halo Wars, which will go live on December 20.

With the release of Halo Wars 2 only a few months away, expect Microsoft and 343 Industries to release more info on the RTS in the weeks to come.