Latest Deus Ex: Human Revolution Takes A Look At The Audible Details

Sound is always a huge part of any video game. It can be used as a clue regarding enemies and their proximity to the player, or can blow us away with the pulsating sounds from an explosion in open conflict. Whether it’s the effects or a game’s score itself, the audio is more important than it gets credit for being, in allowing us to become immersed in the interactive world on our monitors.

Eidos Montreal have opened up their studio for a behind-the-scenes video that takes a look at their philosophies and approach towards creating the sound in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. It features the folks who worked on audio direction, sound design and voice acting — the latter being Elias Toufexis who voices our hero, Adam Jensen.

This latest look into the production of one of our most anticipated summer releases is certainly welcomed. Not only is there quite a bit of information presented regarding their Renaissance approach, but there’s also some really great gameplay footage that we haven’t seen before.

Most interesting however, is hearing them talk about the ideas that were put into play in order to make the game’s sound versatile, so that it would accurately reflect upon the player’s style of play – whether it’s stealthy or action-packed.

Take a look behind-the-scenes below and let us know how you’re doing waiting until August 23, when Deus Ex: Human Revolution will meet store shelves.