August Update For Xbox One Will Introduce Mobile Purchasing, 3D Blu-Ray Functionality And More

xbox one august update

Downloading and installing apps and games on the Xbox One is about to become much more convenient, as the upcoming August update for the console will introduce mobile purchasing. The much-requested feature is just one of the new additions that will come with the update when it launches next month.

Frequently requested on Xbox Feedback, mobile purchasing will allow Xbox One owners to remotely purchase games, apps and add-on content through either or Xbox SmartGlass. After the purchase has been made, as long as you’re console is set to automatically take updates, the content will be downloaded and installed.

Another popular feature coming with the August update is 3D Blu-ray functionality for the console. As long as you own a television capable of 3D, you will now be able to watch popular films such as The Lion King, Avatar and How To Train Your Dragon in all their three dimensional wonder. It’s a little amusing that Microsoft has managed to introduce this feature before Sony, considering that company was among the first to embrace the format.

Upgrades to the Xbox One activity feed will also be introduced with the update. The interface will be changed to a single column list, which will allow for more content to be displayed. You will also be able to post comments and videos to your friends feeds, as well as being able to like and comment on feed items.

Smaller features coming with the August update include a low battery notification for controllers, the ability to turn off notifications during videos and the ability to see the last time a friend was online.

The August update will begin launching for Xbox One owners with early access starting next week, while the rest of the population will receive the update throughout the next month.