Avalanche Says Just Cause 3 Multiplayer Component Isn’t Off The Table

just cause 3

With little over three weeks until its grand release, developer Avalanche has revealed that it is currently weighing up the options of adding multiplayer to soon-to-be-released threequel, Just Cause 3.

Though it won’t have the online feature at launch, Game Director Roland Lesterlin admitted that the development team had considered designed a multiplayer component for the action-adventure title, though it was ultimately the game’s single-player that took precedent at Avalanche.

You may recall that Just Cause 2 didn’t release with a online section either, though it didn’t take long before a handful of dedicated fans created mod support for the open-world title – once which was fully endorsed by Avalanche and publisher Square Enix. As for the next chapter in Rico Rodriguez’s rip-roaring adventure, here’s what Lesterlin had to say about the potential of adding multiplayer further down the line.

We did talk about it a lot. The modding community even created a multiplayer mod for Just Cause 2 that was super fun, really cool. The same way that Just Cause 2 was known as a beautiful sandbox in a giant open world, and it surprised many people that consoles could even do that, we wanted to have that same experience… with updated physics and player mechanics, and concentrate first and foremost in the main player.

What we found was that a lot of players loved sharing videos of what they did. So we wanted to work on the asynchronous side of things. The challenges, ghost mode within leaderboards, being able to challenge your friends to beat feats you did in the world. Having these great PS4 Share feature and the Xbox upload feature, and Steam now has a spectator mode too. Having all these things in there feels perfect for a Just Cause game. It doesn’t mean we wouldn’t think about what to do with multiplayer in the future, but for this first time around we wanted to pour all our love and energy into a great single-player sandbox to start with.

Just Cause 3 will wreak destruction across the four corners of the Mediterranean when Avalanche’s threequel rappels onto PlayStation 4 Xbox One and PC on December 1. As for the proposed multiplayer, don’t expect it at launch, but going off of Lesterlin’s comments, it may be released in the months after launch.