Awesome New Launch Trailer For WWE 2K16 Released


WWE 2K16 is now in stores across North America – it hits the UK this Friday – and a final trailer has been released today to celebrate. As well as even more great gameplay footage, this one highlights all of the cool features that this latest instalment of the long running series has, including the three man commentary booth, innovative new moves, and the huge amount of creative components players can toy with (whether’s creating a wrestler or your own WWE PPV).

There currently aren’t any WWE 2K16 reviews available on Metacritic, so take that as you will. The fact is though, WWE fans are going to end up buying this game regardless of what the critics say, mostly because it’s one of those series that’s a ton of fun, even if each iteration is consistently plagued by the same problems.

However, with some cool new gameplay additions such as the ability to use the ropes during pinfalls and attack an opponent during their entrance, WWE 2K16 is looking like the game which could turn around the fortunes of the franchise after the mixed reaction to last year’s lacklustre effort. If nothing else, it should set these games on the right path as much of what’s included here has been wanted by fans for years.

Tell us, have you had chance to play WWE 2K16 yet? If so, feel free to let us know your thoughts on the game in the comments section below.