Awesomenauts Due To Arrive On Steam “Really Soon”

Awesomenauts is a sci-fi MOBA from Ronimo Games that released on XBLA and PSN back in May. Since then, it has received a lot of praise, a DLC announcement and an awful lot of requests for it to come to the PC.

Through a mix between an announcement video and a quote reel, Ronimo Games have revealed that the game is “coming to Steam really soon.”

Whether that means months or weeks from now remains to be seen, but with the Steam Summer Sale currently in full swing I would be rather surprised to see it before the end of this month.

Regardless, until its release we will just have to make do with the occasional glimpses of gameplay the following video affords us.

Sorry, the video is currently unavailable.

Admittedly, it looks identical to the console versions of the game, and no additional features or bonuses have been announced as of yet. Something which has been revealed however, is that closed-beta sign-ups for Awesomenauts will begin within the week – more information on which can be found over on their Facebook page.

Source: VG247