Back 4 Blood Trophy List Includes Left 4 Dead Easter Egg

back 4 blood

For fans of zombie horde shooters Back 4 Blood is almost here and in anticipation of its release, further information about the game has been revealed. Thanks to the website TrueTrophies we now know what trophies players will have to work towards at launch and there is a Left 4 Dead easter egg hidden within.

Back 4 Blood is the closest fans will get to a third Left 4 Dead title with the studio behind the game consisting of people who worked on Left 4 Dead back in the day. Back 4 Blood entered beta back in August where players had a chance to try out the familiar zombie mowing action and fans were loving it.

The game is set to officially launch on Oct. 12, 2021, and when it does there will be plenty to try out and collect in-game. Of the 56 trophies available in the game the most interesting is called “Good Riddance!” which tasks players with the objective of killing 53,600 enemies in the game.

This appears to be a throwback to the Left 4 Dead achievement “Zombie Genocider” which could be earned by taking out 53,595 zombies. It isn’t clear why there were another five zombies added to this total, but it could just be a matter of simply rounding up.

Back 4 Blood will be available to purchase for consoles and PC in just a few short weeks. If you’re looking for something that is perfect to play alone or with a group of friends then don’t miss out on the zombie survival action in Back 4 Blood.