Badland 2 Is Available For iOS As Of Today


As of today, iOS gamers can get their hands on the sequel to Frogmind’s dark and dazzling puzzler: Badland 2, which promises to have as many free updates and upgrades as its popular predecessor.

The first in the series was praised for its gorgeous aesthetics and sound design, and the trailer for this new addition looks to have captured the essence of that first game and then some. Each of the puzzles and worlds teased in the trailer ooze all of the same creepiness and appeal of Badland, and there are plenty of new threats and tools to be seen along the way.

Juhana Myllys, co-founder and lead artist/designer of Frogmind games, unveiled the trailer by talking about the studio’s mindset as they started development on the new title:

Badland 2 is our attempt to reinvent the first Badland, We wanted Badland 2 to be worthy of the word ‘sequel.’ It’s not the old Badland just with new content. It is a whole new world to explore!

iOS players can get their hands on Badland 2 for $4.99. At present, there is no news on whether a console port will follow, as proved to be the case with the first game. As always though, we’ll keep you posted when we hear more.