Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition To Hit PC On September 18

After a lengthy countdown, it was officially announced that the PC version of Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition will release on September 18th. Overhaul Games also stated that the iOS and Mac versions will be released in September, but the Android tablet version doesn’t have anything definite yet.

The Enhanced Edition will be featuring a new adventure as well as some new heroes. You can check out Neera in the gallery below. The “half-elf wild mage slowly coming to terms with her enormous magical potential” brings with her a new area, four hours of extra gameplay and a new “romantic” adventure.

We also got our first news on The Black Pits, a brutal combat arena built up by Baeloth, the “mad drow” who erected the vile structures as a brutal form of entertainment. Think of it as the Roman Coliseum, but with orcs.

You can pre-order Baldur’s Gate here for $17.99, saving two bucks off the normal $19.99 price tag.