Bandai Namco Have Just Launched Their Own Online Store


Ever wanted a phone case plastered with your favourite Tekken character, or a surprisingly stylish Pac-Man poster to adorn the walls of your home? Well, those wants and desires can now quite easily become a reality – at last – with Bandai Namco‘s latest venture into online retail.

Speaking in regards to the website’s launch, Bandai Namco’s VP of Marketing and Digital, Herve Hoerdt, had the following to say:

We are all super excited about this long awaited store dedicated to our biggest fans! Our goal is to provide high quality, exclusive and unique items that have been carefully selected to communicate and represent our passion and love around iconic IPs. This is just the beginning as we are planning to work closely with all the people that love our brands to bring to life the craziest ideas they might have!

Currently available at the store is merchandise inspired by the likes of Tekken, Tales of, Pac-Man and Galaga, but you can expect a whole lot more to come, says Hoerdt.

Interested in having a browse? Just follow the link here to go head straight over to the site. Make sure you act soon though, as you’ll be able to get free shipping until December 7 using the code, [email protected]