BandFuse: Rock Legends Launches November 19


Realta Entertainment Group and Mastiff have announced a release date for the long-in-development rhythm game, BandFuse: Rock Legends. North American gamers can expect to find the game available on both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on November 19. Additional releases for Europe and Japan are also planned.

BandFuse will make use of real instruments and microphones to enable gameplay for up to four players, supporting guitar, bass, and vocals with 55 songs from the likes of Slash, Maroon 5, Rush, The Strokes, Heart, Pearl Jam and more. The game will also include numerous features and videos to help train those who are new to guitar and bass.

Three unique bundles will be available upon launch. First is The Artist Pack, which will cost $69.99 and will include a 1/4” to USB guitar cable, with the Xbox 360 version also including an audio adapter and headphone extension cable. The Band Pack, at $79.99, will include two guitar cables, a microphone, a multi-port instrument hub, and an acoustic guitar adapter. Finally, the Guitar Bundle, which does not have a set price yet, will include a guitar cable and an authentic Fender Squier guitar.

We will keep you updated on news regarding BandFuse: Rock Legends as it develops.