Banner Saga 2 Release Date Brought Forward To July 5 On PlayStation 4


Versus Evil’s tactical RPG Banner Saga 2 will be storming onto PlayStation 4 a few weeks earlier than planned, the studio’s community director Lance James has confirmed via Sony’s PlayStation Blog.

It was announced previously that the sequel would be headed to both current-gen consoles on July 26, but fans can now look forward to experiencing the medieval war setting on July 5 instead. James says the new date was made possible thanks to the “combined effort of our friends at Sony and the hard work by the team at Shiny Shoe.”

Banner Saga 2 will be launching on July 5! We originally planned to launch later in the month. However, because of the combined effort of our friends at Sony and the hard work by the team at Shiny Shoe, we are able to bring this to you much sooner. Stoic wanted people to kickstart their Summer off right and jumped at the chance to get the second game in the hands of PS4 owners.

In addition to the good news above, Versus Evil has also detailed a new in-game item exclusive to PlayStation 4 players: the “Playful Hilt of Arnr.” The unique item offers +3 to all talent ranks and a “+20% double strength bonus.” Players must be level 10 to equip it, however.

It was revealed earlier today that July’s Xbox Games With Gold will count Banner Saga 2 as one of its members, meaning all subscribers to Microsoft’s service will be able to download the title for free. Sony has yet to confirm their July line-up of PlayStation Plus games, but expect an announcement later today.