Bargains To Be Found On The Xbox LIVE Marketplace

The next couple of weeks will be a dream for those looking for a discount on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace, with a number of solid discounts announced.

This week has Limbo at 50 percent off (600 MSP or $7.50.) as well as Dishwasher Vampire Smile at 400 MSP or $5.00. Avatar – Skeleton Costume and Death by Cube are also on discount for 50 percent off, selling for 200 MSP and 400 MSP, respectively.

Next week, both The Deadliest Warrior and Scott Pilgrim: The Game will be available for 400 MSP.  Shinobi will also be discounted to 200 MSP.

There are also a number of new titles hitting the Xbox LIVE Marketplace this week and next. They include BurgerTime World Tour this week and Fusion Genesis on November 9th. There are also a host of game add-ons coming soon with Call of Duty Elite set for November 7th and four Dead Rising 2: Off The Record skill packs due on November 8th.

For those who like their games on demand, we have already seen Enslaved: Odyssey to the West, Marvel Vs Capcom 3 and Backyard Sports Sandlot Sluggers released this week, with Fight Night Champion due on November 8th.

As you can see, there will be plenty on offer to keep those restless fingers busy. Check them out and let us know what you think.