The Stranger’s Dream DLC For Bastion Available Next Week On XBLA For $1 And Free On PC

Supergiant Games, creator of the well-received XBLA game Bastion, will be giving players an early Christmas present this year in the form of a new DLC pack, titled The Stranger’s Dream.

Unlike many pricier expansions, Supergiant is saying thanks to its fans with a $1 price tag for the XBLA version, and an even cheaper PC version, ringing in at a cool $0. I could not think of a better deal, considering Bastion was one of, if not the best, downloadable title of the year. Extra content that costs peanuts is pretty great in my opinion.

The funny thing is that Supergiant supposedly did want to release it for free on XBLA, but they had to follow Microsoft “policy” and make it available for one dollar. Yet another example of Xbox LIVE being stingy. Seriously, one of my biggest pet peeves is how there are always some extra MS points that you can never get rid of from your balance. Doesn’t Microsoft know that makes them look like jerks? Well, it does. Ok, I will get off of my mini-soapbox now.

The Stranger’s Dream will be available next week for download on Xbox Live and PC. Highly recommended.

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