A Batcave Challenge Map Is Headed To Arkham City December 20

Thanks to the folks at Rocksteady Games, the Caped Crusader’s well-hidden Batcave has been breached. Its secret is that no more, as the baddies have discovered Bruce Wayne’s detective lair underneath his massive manor. Either the cat really is out of the bag, or the development team wanted a change of scenery for its next installment of Batman: Arkham City downloadable content – a new challenge pack.

The latest piece of extra content for the much-loved superhero title, is apparently going to hit online marketplaces on December 20. In addition to the aforementioned Batcave challenge map, two other locations will be included: Iceberg Lounge and Joker’s Carnival.

Pricing details have yet to be announced, but we’ll keep you posted.

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