Batman: Arkham City Pre-Order Bonus Is Rather Stylish

If there’s one superhero who has a flair for the theatrics, it’s Batman. With the upcoming release of Batman: Arkham City, along with its overflow of pre-order goodies, new costume skins have popped up online showcasing the Dark Knight in his various crime fighting outfits that he’s donned over the years.

Each is available through pre-orders depending on where you live, most notably either the UK or New Zealand, which get the two best costumes (the Batman Beyond for the former and the Animated Series for the latter).

The best news however, is for anyone getting the Collector’s Edition early, you will be treated to a classic skin that is mostly unknown to the Batfans out there. It’s from Frank Miller’s legendary graphic novel The Dark Knight Returns, which featured a formerly retired (and extremely overweight Bruce Wayne) putting on the tights again to combat crime.

All of these outfits fit with the fan-service tone of the game perfectly while also paying tribute to the nostalgia of Batman and the character’s appeal over the decades. Even if you miss out on a pre-order, it’s a safe bet to say that all skins will eventually appear as DLC after the game is released due to popularity.

Along with the Red Robin skin and challenge map packs available as a pre-order incentive, it’s fair to say that Batman: Arkham City is atop the most wanted lists of almost every gamer. Pre-ordering has never been more inciting then it is now with these awesome costumes for the Caped Crusader and October couldn’t come any quicker.