‘Batman Arkham Collection’ might be making its way to Nintendo Switch

batman arkham knight

If you haven’t already bought a Switch, then Nintendo is possibly going to give you yet another incentive by releasing the celebrated Batman Arkham franchise on its best-selling console. According to a listing on French retailer WTT’s website, Batman Arkham Collection (comprising Rocksteady’s Dark Knight trilogy) will be available for purchase in late August.

While most Nintendo customers buy their consoles for the unique experience of exclusive titles like The Legend of Zelda, Super Smash Bros., and iconic IPs like Metroid, a big point of criticism for the company in the past couple of years has been Switch’s limited offerings in terms of third-party games. That’s mostly due to the weaker hardware power of the Switch, but if CD Projekt Red can port their highly-acclaimed The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt on the console through meticulous optimization, then so can other developers. If they’re willing (or even able) to put in the time and effort in.

Well, it seems that Rocksteady and Warner Bros. have decided to do just that by releasing the Arkham trilogy on Nintendo’s flagship hardware. At least, that’s according to the aforementioned listing which revealed that Batman Arkham Collection will release for €59.99 in August.

While you should definitely take this with a grain of salt until confirmation from Nintendo or WB, it’s worth noting that this is the same retailer which let the cat out of the bag over The Witcher 3‘s release on Switch, which makes their latest claim more credible.

In addition, it should be noted that release dates are always shifting in games and this could ultimately be a placeholder, so we wouldn’t get too excited just yet.