Yet Another Batman: Arkham Knight Pre-Order Perk Unveiled; New Video Charts Creation Of The Batmobile


Traditionally speaking, the months leading up to the release of a triple-A title such as Batman: Arkham Knight are often riddled with excitement and last-minute promotion. But much like Evolve and Watch Dogs before it, given the sheer amount of pre-order bonuses and limited editions announced, ardent fans have had their hands full picking apart each bundle to find one that suits them best. And just when you thought Rocksteady had all but wrapped up its pre-order push, the studio has unveiled the Gotham’s Future skin pack.

Featuring the menacing Arkham Knight emblazioned with the Batman Beyond symbol and The Caped Crusader himself sporting a guise channeling Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns – also the inspiration for Zack Snyder’s Dawn of Justice – the costume pack has been slated for a release on Steam come June 23. It’s unclear if this cosmetic add-on will make its way onto consoles, but considering that fans haven’t taken too well to the borderline-egregious DLC plans, it’ll be interesting to see how it performs on day one.

That’s not the only tidbit that Rocksteady served up, however, as a new installment in the webseries Arkham Insider has hit the interwebs. Turning the attention to the threequel’s colorful roster of characters – Batmobile included – the video is a behind-the-scenes peek at the creative process that goes into rendering some of Arkham Knight‘s more memorable personas.

Batman: Arkham Knight is due to swoop onto PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on June 23. In the meantime, tell us, what do you make of Rocksteady’s aggressive DLC plan?