Batman: Arkham Knight Still Broken On PC Despite Extensive Delay, Full Refunds Offered


Well, this certainly wasn’t in the script. After pulling the troubled PC version of Batman: Arkham Knight from sale during the threequel’s launch window in June, both Warner Bros. Interactive and Rocksteady began rolling out refunds for the game as it set about whipping the port into shape. Fast forward by four months and change and the general verdict is that, for all of the talk of a overhauled re-release, Arkham Knight continues to be a hot mess on PC platforms, which has now forced the studio to offer full refunds once again.

Ushered back onto the market late last week, an in-depth report by technical experts Digital Foundry arrived at the conclusion that the re-release simply wasn’t up to snuff, and the action-adventure port was still lumbered by game-crashing bugs and framerate issues. A bitter disappointment, then, for PC players who had held off in anticipation of Arkham Knight‘s return, and publisher Warner Bros.’ official statement is as follows.

“We are very sorry that many of our customers continue to be unhappy with the PC version of Batman: Arkham Knight. We worked hard to get the game to live up to the standard you deserve but understand that many of you are still experiencing issues,” said Warner.

“Until the end of 2015, we will be offering a full refund on Batman: Arkham Knight PC, regardless of how long you have played the product. You can also return the Season Pass along with the main game (but not separately). For those of you that hold onto the game, we are going to continue to address the issues that we can fix and talk to you about the issues that we cannot fix.”

Riddled with technical issues and glitches, Batman: Arkham Knight continues to be a sub-par port over on PC. Tell us, have you been affected by these platform-specific problems? Let us know your experience below.