Batman: Arkham Origins Multiplayer Mode Revealed


Splash Damage has finally revealed what they have in store for the multiplayer component of Batman: Arkham Origins, and it’s definitely exciting.

Known as Invisible Predator, the multiplayer will allow gamers to play as either “one of three Joker thugs, one of three Bane thugs, or the Dynamic Duo, Batman and Robin.” During the game, both gangs will play in third-person shooter mode, trying to capture objective points while trying to eliminate the other team. The players tasked with the roles of Batman and Robin will be attempting to shut down the gang wars and “force the gang bosses to retreat.”

In order to shut down the gangs, Batman and Robin will have to execute a variety of combos and takedowns, which if pulled off, will intimidate the gang members. You’ll also be able to use gadgets, detective vision, Batarangs and predatory takedowns, if you remain well hidden.

Now, don’t think the player-controlled gang members will be easy targets, as they’ll have an “enhanced vision mode” which allows them to detect Batman and Robin as well as “rifles, shotguns and remote-controlled aerial bombs.” It won’t be easy playing as a gang member though, as you’ll have to worry about “taking cover, killing other combatants, retrieving ammo, claiming control points” and, of course, avoiding Batman and Robin.

If you end up getting killed as the Dynamic Duo, the gang’s confidence will rise. Additionally, if the gangs do well enough, The Joker and Bane will appear and be available as playable characters midway through the match. Each of the villains will have special abilities and takedowns and eliminating them as Batman or Robin will give your “intimidation level” a huge bonus. If you can strike enough fear into the gang members, they will call off their turf war and retreat until the next match.

Furthermore, players will also have the opportunity to customize their characters with costumes and weapons unlocked by playing Invisible Predator.

Creative Director Alastair Cornish had this to say on how matches have been played out during testing:

“It’s been interesting seeing people behaving like the AI,” says Cornish. “We had players working through a map as a team, and the guy at the front said to his teammates, ‘OK, I’ve got the front. You’ve got my back, right?’ And his teammate said, ‘Right. Can you see anything?’ “No, I can’t see anything.’ And they kept walking through a corridor and the guy at the front said, ‘You still got my back, right? Guys? Guys?’ And just as he turned around he saw the feet of his buddy zip up into the darkness as Batman did the inverted takedown. All hell broke loose and he just freaked out and started running everywhere. When we saw that, we thought, that’s absolutely perfect.”

Batman: Arkham Origins will launch on the Wii U, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC on October 25, 2013. Check out the Invisible Predator trailer below and let us know what you think in the comments.