5 Ways Rocksteady Can Continue The Batman: Arkham Franchise


With the trilogy ending Batman: Arkham Knight released in June of last year, Rocksteady Studio’s six year relationship with DC Comics’ pinnacle vigilante has come to a seemingly definitive close.

Despite a poor showing on PC and some relatively minor backlash to some of the console version’s newer game modes, Arkham Knight was widely acclaimed, receiving credit as being one of the best story and character driven games of 2015. Even after the main portion had been wrapped up, fans still wanted more, with many rushing through New Game Plus mode and on into the DLC.

But many fans may wonder where it all goes from here. December’s Season Of Infamy DLC extension has been well received, with special praise due to the League Of Assassins and Mr. Freeze missions, both of which feature stellar character development of both Batman himself and the villains involved.


Designed to tie up loose plot threads from previous games, its release half a year later may have only exacerbated desires to extend our stay in Gotham City. The main story clearly hinges on Batman’s role as the protagonist, but he was far from the only character in the game. While their respective DLC packs in the season pass came across as subpar and rushed, people are clearly willing to spend money on the exploits of supporting characters like Robin, Nightwing, Catwoman, Harley Quinn and the mercenary Deathstroke, all of whom have had their own comic book series for decades now.

It’s understandable that Rocksteady have decided to move on from the franchise that made their name, though. In an age where long-running series are becoming the norm to satisfy demand, their decision to stick with the basic beginning/middle/end format of a trilogy is commendable.

But, the Arkham series has seen input from other companies, adding vital events to the timeline across multiple platforms. With its name drops and hints of places, characters and events from across the DC universe, it’s not impossible to picture the Batman: Arkham trilogy as a mere glimpse into a much bigger world.

So, on that note, join us as we explore five different ways the beloved series can continue from here.