5 Ways Rocksteady Can Continue The Batman: Arkham Franchise

5) New Periodic DLC From Warner Bros. Montreal


Brought in to fill the gap between City and Knight, Warner Bros. Montreal had the unenviable task of providing a follow up to two instant classics.

Arkham: Origins was peppered with sporadic free roam glitches, and a map that promised way more than it delivered (an unfortunate trend in the series). However, it did have its moments.

The game temporarily moved the focus away from the Joker centric plots of the previous two instalments, instead putting the focus on Bruce Wayne and the pivotal relationship he shares with Alfred Pennyworth. Indeed, this is the only game in the series that features a monologue from Batman himself.

The cutscene dialogue was well written, and the game attempted to at least provide something new with its Call of Duty inspired online mode as well as its almost prototypical crime scene analysis. Plus, the voice cast was roundly excellent.

Origins wasn’t perfect, but it’s better than you remember and good enough for its creators to be tasked with creating Batgirl: A Matter Of Family for Arkham Knight‘s season pass. The end result of that experiment was fun and fast. It provided a new character to play as, a new location to roam in, and had enough fanboy pleasing easter eggs to make it highly replayable.

It also proved that Warner Bros. Montreal is capable of making fresh story driven content. It’s not like they’re short on material, either. Jim Gordon and Harvey Bullock investigating a string of brutal murders in the east end. Azrael defending the Order of St. Dumas’ island fortress from the League of Assassins. Or even Red Hood’s insane run in with Harley Quinn in the Narrows would all make for great future DLC.