Batman: Arkham VR Lets You Don The Cape And Cowl In October


Rocksteady’s Arkham swan song arrives in the form of Batman: Arkham VR, an all-new title coming exclusively to PlayStation VR in October.

That places it neatly alongside the hardware’s release window, which Sony narrowed to October 13 in North America yesterday evening, though precious few details were offered up beyond Mark Hamill’s unmistakable and darn well chilling narration. What we do know is that it’ll be rooted in Rocksteady’s beloved Arkham universe, offering early adopters of VR to envelope themselves in such iconic locations as Gotham, Wayne Mayor and the Batcave.

Placing players in the shoes of DC’s prized Caped Crusader, Principal Designer Bill Green took to PlayStation Blog to reveal that Batman: Arkham VR is “a murder mystery in the style of the classic Batman comic books, but with a strong dose of the dark psychology that the Arkham games are well known for.”

Barring any last minute hitches, Batman: Arkham VR is in line to be a launch title for PlayStation VR in October and will, without question, stand as one of the most enviable experiences on the hardware’s embryonic software library in a few months’ time.