BattleBlock Theater Now Free For Xbox LIVE Gold Members

BattleBlock Theater

Xbox LIVE’s Games with Gold program is officially replacing Gotham City Impostors with BattleBlock Theater as this month’s free game.

The hit puzzle-platformer comes from the twisted minds at the Behemoth and puts players in the role of a prisoner, who is tasked with taking part in a series of games devised by the eccentric Hatty Hattington. Of course, you don’t have to face off against Hattington’s challenges alone. Jumping into the game’s Adventure Mode creates room for up to four player cooperative action, where you’ll find yourself using allies’ heads as platforms and even throwing them across gaps.

Additionally, the Behemoth has just launched their Arena Mode Playlist Creation Contest for Xbox and Steam players to flex their creative muscles with. The contest tasks players with dreaming up their best level ideas and submitting them by August 15. At its conclusion, the best entries will receive signed BattleBlock Theater merchandise as well as direct recognition as an in-game Arena Mode feature.

Sure, the timing is right for BattleBlock Theater to make its way into the Games with Gold program, but can Microsoft ever really catch up to PlayStation Plus? Leave us your thoughts in the comments section below.

Source: Joystiq