Two More Battleborn Heroes Revealed In New Feature

BB Deande 2

Two of the heroes who are set to feature as playable characters in Gearbox’s Battleborn have now been revealed as part of an IGN feature. Having been glimpsed in trailers and promotional shots earlier this year, the two heroes have now been fleshed out with personality details and gameplay traits for us to look forward to.

Trevor Ghalt and Deande are set to feature as integral parts of the game’s story and lore, and it seems as though they’ll also be offering players some varied approaches and styles when competing with them.

Trevor Ghalt is said to be the first of the 25 Battleborn, and is a peacekeeping war veteran who has seen conflict in many wars. He’s known to be a courageous leader and a paragon of virtue. As far as his approach is concerned, Ghalt will see players employing hooks and traps in combat as he snares his foes before unleashing gunfire to maximize on damage.

Deande, on the other hand, is a Spymaster of the Jennerit Empire. Said to have served in her role for over a thousand years, it is known that she cannot die of natural causes due to a process called ‘Sustainment’ that she has been put through. Deande will be the classic RPG-style assassin, and players in control of her will be encouraged to utilize her affinity for stealth and speed over out-and-out combat.

Battleborn is set for launch in May 2016, and will be available across PS4, Xbox One and PC.