Battleborn Open Beta Coming Next Year; New Character Unveiled


Gearbox Software’s Randy Pitchford took to the stage at PlayStation Experience today in order to announce several tantalizing new details about Battleborn. Currently scheduled to launch next May, Pitchford unveiled a brand new character, as well as some PlayStation 4 exclusive content.

Set to feature a roster of 25 fearsome combatants, the line-up of characters in Battleborn already housed several unique faces. The latest addition to the roster, though, may just be the oddest one yet. The 16th character announced, Toby, is an adorable penguin who just happens to be in control of a massive mech. After being rejected by the Peacekeepers organization on account of his appearance, Toby took up arms with the Rogue faction.


With the release date of Battleborn still several months away, Pitchford announced that an open beta for the shooter will go live sometime next year. While the beta will be available on the PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One, it will start on the PS4 before making its way to the other two platforms. And, as a bonus, an exclusive character will be available for those who play the beta on the PS4 following the title’s launch.

Finally, digital pre-orders have gone live for Battleborn on Sony’s console, with pre-orders going up on Steam for PC on Monday. Pre-order bonuses will be available for those that choose to either reserve the shooter digitally, or at select retailers. A digital pre-order will give you the Firstborn pack, which features gold skins for select characters. If you choose to go the traditional route of pre-ordering at a store, you’ll receive a randomly selected figurine based off of one of the character classes.

We will continue to have coverage of Battleborn in the lead-up to the title’s launch in May 2016, so stay tuned!