Battlefield 1 Gameplay Video Unleashes Vehicular Mayhem


As developer DICE readies the much-anticipated Gamescom 2016 trailer, Electronic Arts has premiered the latest entry into the ongoing Battlefield 1 video series, with this particular installment shifting the focus to vehicles across land, sea and air.

Ready to “push the sandbox experience to the limit,” in the featurette above key members of the Battlefield 1 creative team outline the new bells and whistles players can expect, and why vehicles continue to be a cornerstone of the franchise’s style of all-out warfare.

In a complimentary post, DICE also touched base on the challenges of crafting vehicles to suit the era, and it looks to be that shooter fans can look forward to rusty, slower and more powerful planes and tanks as they step foot into The Great War.

The vehicles you’ll use in Battlefield 1 were created for a new type of warfare. They were massive and powerful, shaping the future of warfare with every shell shot or bomb dropped. These new vehicles required more attention and specialization, represented in-game with the Tanker and Pilot classes you’ll play as if you deploy into a tank or plane respectively.

The Great War beckons, ladies and gentlemen, and you can expect Battlefield 1 to deploy across PS4, Xbox One and PC on October 21. If you can’t contain your excitement for DICE’s upcoming WWI shooter, Amazon is running a premium Collector’s Edition that comes packing $129.99 worth of memorabilia but, crucially, not the game itself.

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