EA Have Confirmed That Battlefield 1 Is Going To Feature A Server Browser

An innocuous Tweet posted by Electronic Arts’ official Battlefield Twitter account confirmed an important detail about the upcoming Battlefield 1. In response to a user’s question about whether a server browser would be in use for the new game, a very simple and easily overlooked response was given by the developer.

The account quoted the user’s question in a Tweet of their own, adding very succinctly that a server browser would be included in Battlefield 1.

While the announcement can definitely be filed in the ‘good news’ category, there was sadly no other information given about the browser. For now we have absolutely no idea how it’s going to work, and there’s also no confirmation of whether or not there will be support for dedicated servers.

For now, we’ll have to simply be content with confirmation of the browser, and know that we’ll most likely be getting more information on the feature during E3 or at EA’s earlier event.

Battlefield 1 is currently slated for an October release, and we’ll bring you more news on the game as it comes to us.