Battlefield 1 Multiplayer Teaser Sheds Light On WWI Weaponry


It’s being aligned as one of the tentpole titles going into E3 and sure enough, DICE and EA have rolled out the latest multiplayer teaser for Battlefield 1 to ensure excitement remains at a fever-pitch.

Drawing attention to the shooter’s arsenal, the snippet was accompanied by a blog post delving into the specifics of the WWI weaponry – fast, efficient and varied, according to DICE.


In total, Battlefield 1 will feature six types of armaments, with everything from SMGs to Automatic Rifles being fine-tuned to resemble the relatively primitive technology of The Great War.

As the barnstorming reveal trailer teased, DICE’s period shooter will also include mustard gas and trench warfare, and that’s an enticing setup that will be ushered into the spotlight during E3 next week. For now, here’s an overview of the arsenal:

Each weapon type has multiple different weapons to choose from. The weapons of the era were incredibly varied. In fact, many of the weapons of World War I were the first successful versions of those weapons. The first SMGs and Automatic Rifles were deployed during the era, and you can use them in Battlefield 1.

Technology hurdled forward during World War I, leading to absolutely incredible, efficient weapons that were damn good at doing what they were designed to do. Whether you’re blasting holes in walls and taking down hidden enemies or sniping from across the map, you’ll find the gunplay in Battlefield 1 feels modern and fun.

DICE will host a 64-player match on Sunday, June 12, and in the meantime, you can see the studio’s vision take shape via yesterday’s striking set of Battlefield 1 concept art.