Battlefield 3: Aftermath Launches Nov 27th, Details And Trailer

Electronic Arts has released the first trailer for Battlefield 3‘s earthquake expansion pack, Aftermath, and revealed that the DLC will begin to roll out on November 27th.

As players fight through Aftermath‘s post-earthquake cities of Iran they can enjoy a new multiplayer game mode called Scavenger. The mode has combatants start off as a lost soldier equipped with only a knife, one grenade, and a sidearm. They must then search through the environment to find more powerful weapons, including the scoped crossbow shown in the trailer below.

Battlefield 3: Aftermath will be released first for PlayStation 3 Premium members on November 27th for $14.99, then on December 4th for Premium Xbox 360 (1200 MSP) and PC players. After that the expansion opens up for non-Premium members on December 11th for the PS3, and December 18th for 360 and PC.

Check out the expansion’s premier trailer below.