Battlefield 3 Beta And Alpha Trials Being Revealed

DICE detailed a rough outline of how its player testing sessions for Battlefield 3 will be carried out. It’s fairly predictable and traditional; the first trial (Alpha) is an invite only job for those who are deemed special in EA books, and have registered their name in all the rights places. The second and more accessible trial (Beta) is going to be open for a play test to those who bought the specially labelled edition of Medal Of Honour.

If you’d have known the limited edition of MOH would have given you Battlefield 3 beta access it might have been a more tempting purchase no? Publishing initiatives aside, the Alpha invite emails are already being sent out, so make sure you check your inbox folks.

EA and DICE are aiming to take the FPS throne from under Activision’s Call Of Duty yearly franchise. They’re hoping to use the impressive horsepower of the new Frostbite engine to finally topple the multiplayer giant.

Both Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3 launch this Fall, and both are expected to sell millions of units. Which will you be buying?

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