Battlefield 3: Earthquakes In Multiplayer Is Technically Possible

The main man for Battlefield 3’s monster multiplayer goodness, Lars Gustavsson, told PSM3 that the stunning environmental demolition, and all its related chaos, seen in a host of single player demo vids promoting the game, technically could be applied to the title in the multiplayer modes. While the designer didn’t want to prematurely get us all very excited, he casually reassured the mag that Frostbite 2 could handle it without a hitch, if the developers felt like putting it in.

“We’re still looking into ambient destruction in multi-player; it’s still too early to say really. It’s technically possible to have earthquakes in multi-player using Frostbite 2. We feel like kids walking into sweet shops with Frostbite – it has so many features we never knew we needed, and we’re still figuring out how best to use them. It’s just the start for this engine. So far, the only limit to the things we can do with it are our own creative restraints.”

So there you have it, come Christmas you could be about to annihilate some noob with a beastly head shot, when suddenly the ground will start ripping and tearing apart beneath you. Just think of how that could change the dynamic of a map.

Battlefield is obviously trying very hard this year to finally boot Call Of Duty off the FPS throne, and Battlefield 3 may just have the guns to get the job done.

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