Battlefield 3 Expansions Get PlayStation 3 Timed Exclusivity

In an attempt to swing more sales its way, Sony has made an agreement with Electronic Arts for Battlefield 3 DLC timed exclusivity. Due to this, the much-anticipated shooter’s expansions will be available one week earlier on the PlayStation 3 than the XBOX 360.

The first pack to be affected by these negotiations is the Back to Karkand map pack. It unlocks four Battlefield 2 maps (Wake Island being one of them,) all enhanced and re-modeled using the amazing Frostbite 2.0 engine. You may recall reading that a voucher for this pack will be packed in with all first-run copies of the game; however, it seems like it won’t be available for download right away. At least, not for everyone.

Those looking forward to jumping into the action early, can test out Battlefield 3‘s multiplayer when its beta starts on September 29. It’ll be available on the PC, 360 and PS3.