Battlefield 3’s Team Deathmatch Supports 24 Players, Will Not Have Vehicles

Battlefield 3 has been something of a focus over the last week, with lots of snippets of interviews and plenty of gossip slipping out from Gamescom. Here’s a few more pieces of information to add to the list: Team Deathmatch will support 24 players, it will take place in tight, infantry focussed areas of the regular maps and will not have vehicles to drive.

According to BF3blog, this will apply to each platform – PC, PS3 and 360.

A lot of the comments on this story seem to imply that this will be the least played game mode, behind Rush and Conquest. Whether that is the case or not, I think at the very least we should be appreciative that DICE have added this game mode. Even if you never plan to play it, I’m sure others will.

I know I’ll be giving Team Deathmatch a bash come October.

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