Battlefield 4 Will Soon Add Battlefield 2’s Dragon Valley Map For Free


There’s some good news for Battlefield veterans today, as EA has officially revealed the contents of its soon-to-be-released and completely free Battlefield 4 Legacy Operations update. And, needless to say, it’s something that longtime fans will surely welcome with open arms.

After tallying the votes from its community poll, DICE has officially confirmed that Battlefield 2‘s ever-popular Dragon Valley map will be ported into the series’ latest numbered iteration at no charge whatsoever. Not only that, but the open map has been tweaked in certain ways to promote playability within Battlefield 4.

For those who’ve yet to experience what it has to offer, Dragon Valley is considered to be a versatile map that allows for different avenues of gameplay. It’s large and varied to allow for a wide variety of vehicle use, and that’s one feature that is highlighted well within its newly-released trailer, which is embedded above for your viewing pleasure.

Look for Battlefield 4‘s Legacy Operations/Dragon Valley update sometime this holiday season, and walk away from this knowing that there may be more to it than just the one map.