[Updated] Battlefield 4 Patch Has One-Hit Kill Bug Between Its Crosshairs, Available On PS4 & PC Starting Today


UPDATE: It’s been reported that the Battlefield 4 update has been delayed for the PlayStation 4, with DICE stating that the software patch is to undergo “some additional testing” before release. We understand that the fixes will go live at a later date on Sony’s next-gen platform, and we’ll be sure to keep you posted once we hear news of a concrete release date.

Original Story…

Early adopters of Battlefield 4 on PlayStation 4 and PC will be pleased to know that DICE is set to release a software update later today aimed to address the  game’s ongoing issues. The patch itself is primarily designed to rectify the one-hit kill bug, which has resulted in players dying from a single, well-placed shot, all the while addressing general stability and other improvements. The fix has been live from 5am EST (10am GMT) on PC, while PS4 users can expect the update sometime before the afternoon (EST).

Taking to the Battlelog forum, here’s what DICE had to say to the Battlefield 4 community:

“This update was scheduled to go live as quickly as possible to fix the so-called ‘one-shot kill bug,’ where bullets were sometimes applying damage multiple times to a character. We are simultaneously working hard on a number of top issues that we will address as soon as possible in the next update that we will be able to detail later.”

Further down the post, the studio also outlined the specifics of the update for each platform, with the PC version targeting the screen blurring effect and several in-game crashes, which often materialized when jumping from the campaign back to the main menu. In terms of the PlayStation 4, the patch will implement audio into the video capture feature, so now you can showcase your online supremacy in full surround sound.

Though the game has experienced a turbulent launch window, the first DLC will release immediately after the aforementioned update rolls out. Entitled China Rising, the expansion features four all-new multiplayer maps and will become available for premium subscribers first, before releasing for all users two weeks later on December 17th.

It was also confirmed that an update for the Xbox One and PS3 versions of Battlefield 4, which aims to stabilise the game’s online component, will launch later this week.

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