Battlefield: Hardline Goes Gold As EA Announces Double XP Weekend For Battlefield 4



Work on Battlefield: Hardline has officially wrapped up after developer Visceral Games confirmed via Twitter that the shooter has now gone gold ahead of its launch in three weeks time.

This now means that EA is gearing up to pack and distribute physical copies of the game to make it to retailers, with Hardline expected to make its anticipated debut on March 17. Here’s the official Tweet from the Battlefield Twitter account.

In tandem with the announcement, it was confirmed that EA will host a double XP multiplayer weekend for the ardent Battlefield 4 community who are still logging hours in DICE’s first-person title. Essentially, it’s a means of raising awareness for Hardline‘s imminent arrival, but those looking to take full advantage of the XP boon can look forward to the event when it kicks off today, February 25, and runs through to March 1.

As Visceral Games first entry into the monumental series, Battlefield: Hardline represents a significant change of pace from the franchise’s norm. Dropping the gung-ho military setting, the studio’s maiden BF will orbit around a cops versus robbers dynamic, all the while retaining the large-scale action and environmental destruction that the series has become synonymous with over the years.

Battlefield: Hardline is scheduled to arrive on March 17. For now, tell us, are you looking forward to Visceral Games’ shooter?

Source: Twitter

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