Battlefield Hardline Potentially Represents The Very Worst Of Our Industry

Battlefield Hardline Cover

Battlefield Hardline is already a mess. I’m not talking in terms of the technical aspects of the game, or even how much fun it is to play, I’m talking about the fact that the game exists at all. While I completely understand that EA would want to get something fresh into the market to try to regain some of the lost faith after gamers grew (understandably) upset with the state of Battlefield 4, this was the absolute wrong way to do it.

Battlefield Hardline isn’t trying to reinvent the wheel here. What we’ve seen in the beta and what was presented on the floor during E3 proves that. Instead, Battlefield Hardline plays almost like a “best of,” by taking key elements from Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4. It’s putting a small twist on capture the flag, and adding in new skins/vehicles while having the audacity to call itself a new game.

There is absolutely nothing that we’ve been shown so far that demands a full AAA price tag. Nothing. Had the modding community had the tools to the game, I have to think something like this would have been done quite a long time ago, and for free. The only meaningful changes between Battlefield Hardline and the last two games are a few new gadgets, an altered theme, and the in-game cash shop. Admittedly, these are nice additions, but everything here screams to be thrown in as DLC.

Don’t tell me for a single moment that this couldn’t have been done as a mod, although I’ll admit it would have be an impressive undertaking. Battlefield 1942 had a damn pirate mod. Pirates! Complete with sailing ships and hot air balloons. Battlefield 2 hosts one of the most impressive examples of game modding ever with Project Reality, which essentially re-wrote the entire game and improved upon it in almost every single way.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m enjoying my time with Battlefield Hardline so far. It does play well for what it is, the new game modes are fun, and I’m enjoying the in-game shop as a way to select my loadout as opposed to grinding levels to get the weapon I really want. And I’m certainly not willing to throw out the entire title based on impressions from a beta, but walking away from the game leaves an undoubtedly sour taste in my mouth and a twinge of guilt.

I’m fully aware of the fact that this is simply a beta, but unless there’s something extremely special waiting in the wings, we should be embarrassed by this game. Embarrassed that the market has decided that every game needs a yearly iteration, and embarrassed in ourselves for buying into this crap.

Battlefield Hardline serves as a valuable litmus test for where we are now, and the results should be horrifying. Simply releasing a pretty game on a AAA engine doesn’t make for a AAA game. A simple premise like this shouldn’t be 60 bucks when just a decade ago we would have expected it as solid DLC in the 10-30 dollar range. Grand Theft Auto IV offered two distinctive DLC packages for $20 each, and each one offered something unique. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 had the Vietnam expansion for $15 that opened up the game in new ways. This isn’t new territory for anything outside of pricing.

I hope Battlefield Hardline proves me wrong, I really do. I’d love nothing more than to eat some crow here and have to admit in my review that this is a fully fleshed out title and improves on what we have. That the beta was nothing but a small taste and there’s enough brand new content here that it just had to be packaged on its own. So far, I have no real reason to believe this is going to happen.

Battlefield Hardline scares me, quite honestly. We’re about to be tested as consumers. We’re about to see what happens when DLC is released at full market value and if we’ll buy it. I really don’t want think of where the industry will be headed if we prove this to be the case. Vote with your wallets. If this game is ends up deserving your money, by all means buy it and love it, but please, if this does end up just being overpriced DLC, walk away before this kind of thing becomes the norm.

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  1. Guestsays:

    Hardline has been in development for 2 years, so it’s not being released “due to the state of battlefield 4”. I agree that this game should be released at no more than $20, though. Selling it at full price is a ridiculous cash grab, and they are going to offer premium for even more money.

    1. Chazboskisays:

      I really hope I end up being wrong here, I honestly do, but right now it feels like a bunch of reused or retooled assets thrown together with a few new ideas and trying to sell it full price.

      $20-30 bucks would be an outstanding price, they could even possibly defend 40.

    2. Greg Gauglersays:

      2 years is what they say, but do you really trust them? I don’t.

      Some interviews say they “started discussing hardline 2 years ago”
      Some say It wasn’t going to be a Battlefield game at all before they decided to late in the game…

      I just know, I don’t trust EA. So I’ll keep my $60 in my wallet.

      $20 for this game would be much more reasonable. This is also a good case to make for seperateing the Single PLayer and Multiplayer as well. Single Player campaigns cost a lot of money, and a lot of people just don’t care about it and never play it. So, I’ll give them $20 for the multiplayer. They can keep their campaign or make it free. I won’t play it either way.

  2. Wiggumsays:

    GTA4 had two DLCs, not three.

    Lost and Damned, Ballad of Gay Tony.

    1. Chazboskisays:

      Nice catch, I’ll fix that now.

  3. pablosays:

    I Ag hoping this is a tech test our file between now and star wars battle front. It does look like a windows me though, no 2000 or xp

  4. Mikesays:

    Why does everyone seem to forget this has a single player part of the game too? If this game was solely multiplayer, then yeah, I’d agree it’s ridiculous to charge $60 for it. I think developers need to stop offering public betas. People treat them as if they’re the final form of the game and the only part of it they’re going to see.

    1. Bret Msays:

      The reason people treat betas as the final form is because it has been consistently like that for a while now. The BF3 and BF4 betas were barely any different from the final versions, even as far as BF4 still having the same netcode issues for a year now. Planetside 2’s beta was crappy but still better than the state of the game now, and same for Tribes Ascend, Mechwarrior Online, ARMA 3, DayZ Standalone, and countless other titles that were available in beta form. Most of those titles at final release barely had any improvements over the core problems that plagued their betas, ARMA and Tribes being the only ones that ended up half decent.

      1. Unknownsays:

        DayZ Standalone has gone through beta and a final release?! Holy crap, They whipped that out quick in the hour since I last played the most recent alpha…

    2. Brian Anthony Foxsays:

      The campaign was shit, barely any weapon selection online, no tanks or decent vehicles. Shitty maps that are small and not open, signature game mode removed, game modes are pretty bad to say the least. I did have a little bit of fun but hard to snipe in close quarters when the weapon is called a sniper. Game never warns you when enemies are near your teammates before you spawn, a lot of glitches with weapons and vehicles, team deathmatch you actually get spawn killed a ton, lets also not forget the snipers and how they can’t kill someone 10 feet away with a direct hit and only damage them for about 75 health. All in all, when I finally got into game modes with my sniper I did kill quite a few people but that was about all the fun I had. I found this battlefield to be one of the worst I have ever played multiplayer and campaign wise. I would have to say if they would have gave us battlefield 3 again we probably would have had more fun then anything cause BF3 was the best game they made out of the franchise.

  5. John Krisfaluscisays:

    Listen, I don’t care what you people say, I’ve been playing the Beta for about couple hours now and it kicks BF3 and BF4’s butt ANYDAY hands down! I think it’s more fast paced and I love driving around the map and dropping off team-mates and running over the criminals, tons of fun!! ^^

    1. azlil7 .says:

      thats not the point its that they want to charge us money 60 for dlc basically

  6. anonimoussays:

    This game is terrible. Gameplay is bad, game modes are bad, and lets not start with the weapons and etc. The graphics are nice but it does not compansate for all the above. Worst BF game ever.

  7. Luis Santossays:

    I’m a big fan of battlefield and have almost every game of this saga the only game that I will not buy is the hardline because for me that aberration is not the battlefield I ever played and should not even have the battlefield name on its cover this is the my opinion of the game

  8. martin Rosamondsays:

    I bought battlefield hardliners and what a rubbish game some ps2 games are better than that £60 I.And for that it ruined the battlefield series Each stop making shutters and let the professional people make it stick to boxing games now that you do know how to make hands down make another fight night.

  9. Waldemar Teoburgsays:

    Yeah, I was down at my local video game store down the street and thought I’d give this game a try allthough Battlefield 3 and 4 were DISAPPOINTMENTS and the fact that I have to pay for 87 euros for it.

    And the supervisor or manager or whatever his role at store is was sort of upset when the chick behind the counter said she wanted that prize and he was like:
    “This game is shit! They can’t demand that insane prize for it! I’ll see if I can find it cheaper for ya!”. He was like seriously pissed off about it!
    Then he went behind the computer for a few minutes and I got it for 60 euros instead
    (I have no idea what that is in USD, but it’s still cheaper than the prize tag says).

    Anyway… it’s fun playing it, but the entire franchise is going the same way as CoD:
    It’s become a parody of itself!

    1. Brian Anthony Foxsays:

      Battlefield 3 was far from a disappointment, the campaign was decent, the multiplayer was fantastic, big open maps, lots of vehicles to play in, a lot of customization’s for vehicles and weapons, a hell of a lot of weapons to choose from, fun game modes, beautiful mechanics for sniping, lots of destruction and explosions, felt amazing. Only downsides were minor like delayed ping between server so if I moved the game would render me as if I was still standing there, ammo reloaded c4 and grenades constantly, unlimited revivals and minor things that could have been changed to make the game a little bit more realistic but over all BF3 got a 9/10 in my books and BFH got about a 5/10 due to a lack of everything I just mentioned. However it was still a little fun so it gets some score for effort.

  10. This is the worst game I have ever played. Multiplayer sucks and they had potential with the campaign which totally went to shit as it went on. Holy fuck, with all that money you don’t know how to make a game? Fuck off saying I don’t know how to make games either, if you are fucking willing to pay my lessons or whatever the fuck you need to do to make a game you better invest. Then I’d make one of the best games and tell EA to fuck off and die.

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