Battlefield Hardline: Criminal Activity DLC Reveal Video And Screenshots Released


More details abound for Visceral Game’s first DLC pack for Battlefield Hardline. Aside from the video above, which shows off one of the new maps for Criminal Activity, called Backwoods, there’s also been a slew of screenshots that give us a look at some of the other vistas that you can expect to be gunning people down in.

As for Backwoods, it dumps players into a confined forest that’s dotted with run down lumber mills and vein-like streams running through the undergrowth. This being a Hardline map though, expect to see evidence of the site having been used as a makeshift drug smuggling hideout at one point.

Visceral has stated Backwoods will feature “hills, gullies, and rock formations to hide in” and a centrepiece bridge punctuating the middle of the map that’s susceptible to a little destruction. Concrete details for the other maps to be included are still under wraps, but Backwoods will be playable in any of the game’s extensive modes, with the developer suggesting that Hotwire will be the best option for it.

Criminal Activity is slated to be released in June, with premium members getting the pack two weeks earlier than everyone else. Take a look at the screenshots below and let us know if you’ll be picking up this new Battlefield Hardline DLC.

Source: VG247

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