You Know You Want These Bayonetta 2 Nintendo Costumes

It’s been said that Nintendo is getting a bit too liberal licensing out its properties of late, but personally I couldn’t disagree more. I’ve been a fan of the practice ever since Link appeared in Soul Calibur II, and though the Nintendo costumes in Bayonetta 2 are undeniably wacky, to me that’s all part of Platinum Games’ charm. The above video had me laughing more than anything else.

The selection of Nintendo duds for Bayonetta to strap on is actually pretty vast, be it Link’s classic green tunic, Samus’s Varia Suit, or Peach’s signature pink formal-wear. The costumes appear to have practical uses, too — not only does Link’s outfit grant Bayonetta a stylish new getup, but she can also break out what appears to be a homemade Deku Bow and pierce enemies with deadly accuracy. The Varia Suit grants access to Samus’s Screw Attack, as well as a host of other weaponized abilities. The trailer refers to the costumes as mere “cosplay,” but considering the attached depth, they amount to quite a bit more.

If you haven’t been following its progress, Bayonetta 2 is coming to Wii U exclusively on October 24th in North America. It’s part of a larger push of exclusive games for Wii U between now and the new year, including Hyrule Warriors in September, Bayonetta 2 in October, and both Super Smash Bros. and Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker by the end of 2014. It’s a solid lineup if all goes according to plan, and with the continued help of Mario Kart 8, Nintendo may just attract a sizable user base to enjoy its new Zelda title in 2015.