BeatBlasters III Launches February 21 On Steam


BeatBlasters III, a unique rhythm-platformer hybrid title developed by Chainsawesome Games, has been confirmed for release via Steam on Friday, February 21, with Windows, Mac, and Linux versions all launching simultaneously.

In the game, players can control either Joey or Gina, two music-loving youths fighting to save the town of Accapella from a music-hating butcher. Each character offers different music and in-game abilities, but share three default abilities, those being an attack, a shield, and jet boots, as seen in the above screenshot. Activating any of these abilities drains in-game energy, which can be recharged by accurately tapping buttons to the beat of the in-game music track. Doing well in each level will reward skilled players with stars, which can then be used to unlock up to 8 special weapons.

The preview trailer for BeatBlasters III can be viewed below. Check it out and let us know if you’re interested in playing this unique-sounding title.

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