Is Beenox Working On The Amazing Spider-Man Game?

Reports have been circulating, stating that Beenox are the ones in charge of developing a game based on the upcoming film, The Amazing Spider-Man. The film is set to hit theatres early next July, with the video game launching around the same time. It hasn’t been officially revealed, but IGN spotted a poster for the game at the New York Comic-Con, which is going on right now.

Though you’re probably aware, Beenox are the folks behind the last two Spider-Man video games: Last year’s fantastic Shattered Dimensions and the recently-released title, Edge of Time, which I’m just playing through now. They certainly have talent, so it’ll be interesting to see how well that lends itself to a movie-based licensed game. There is only nine months until the estimated release window for the game, so here’s hoping it’ll be a quality experience.

Activision will once again be assuming publishing duties.

I’ve played pretty much every Spider-Man game since the sixteen bit era. Most of them have been quite fun, though I’ve been disappointed by the repetition in some of the open world, movie tie-ins. Shattered Dimensions is my favourite web-slinging release since Maximum Carnage and the Nintendo 64 release. That’s because it was unique, polished and interesting. There weren’t noticeable bugs or any major complaints I could levy. Most of all, it wasn’t repetitive. If you haven’t given that one a shot yet, I highly recommend picking up a copy and trying it out.