Behold! The PlayStation 4 Has Emerged From Sony’s Top Secret Bunker Data Center Laboratory Place [Unboxing Video]

Remember that sweet Mirror Shield from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker? Did you ever find yourself wishing that your Mirror Shield could also double as, oh I don’t know… a PlayStation 4? According to Sony’s freshly minted PS4 unboxing video, devastating beams of light will be yours to command come the system’s November 15th launch, which is in just four days from now.

Wisecracks aside, the video does do a phenomenal job exponentially boosting hype levels in the viewer, despite showing nothing more than the Dual Shock 4 and some exceedingly normal-looking cables. In (now) typical Sony fashion, Sony Worldwide Studios chief Shuhei Yoshida is the star of the show, and his leather gloves and hilarious play-along with the video’s “top-secret” theme is amusing and effective.

My favorite thing about Sony these days is that they’ve taken a page from Nintendo’s book and turned their executives into mascots – people love mascots. Mr. Yoshida isn’t as goofy as Reggie, but he comes off as both likable and cool in this promo, and his closing recitation of system slogan “Greatness Awaits” is the cherry on top. I’m likin’ your style, Sony.

The PS4 console itself isn’t shown all that much aside from the blinding beam of light and the overview shot of everything unboxed at the end, but I suppose that’s the point – it’s as much of a teaser as an unboxing video anyways. The PlayStation 4 hits retailers (and living rooms if you pre-ordered) this Friday, so you won’t have to await greatness for too much longer.