Bernie Sanders Endorses Magic: The Gathering Workers Union

Magic the Gathering

Over 100 employees at TCGPlayer are in the midst of forming a union. The popular Magic: The Gathering card reseller has apparently let down many workers who were promised better working conditions and healthcare benefits, prompting them to take to the internet with a letter addressing the issues and announcing their unionization.

The employees got more support than they ever expected, however, when Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders announced an endorsement of their efforts. In a tweet on April 16th, Sanders expressed his feelings on the matter, making it clear that he would stand behind workers seeking to “protect their wages, benefits, and safety on the job.”

The excited workers at TCGPlayer didn’t take long to respond to Sanders showing their appreciation for his endorsement, as you can see below:

This endorsement comes only a few weeks after Sanders dropped out of the 2020 race for president having fallen behind Joe Biden in the needed delegates to win the nomination. This marks the second time the senator has come close to the nomination but ultimately fell short, with the last time being in the run-up to the 2016 presidential election where he lost to Hillary Clinton (who ultimately then lost to now-president Donald Trump.)

Sanders is the longest-serving independent in U.S. congressional history, though he ran as a democrat in both the 2016 and 2020 elections. He’s a strong advocate for equality and progressive policies, and has spent most of his life fighting for the working people of America. As of now, it’s not been confirmed whether he intends to run for president again in 2024, but it would seem unlikely at this point.

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