Ready, Aim, Fire: The Best First-Person Shooters Of 2016


5) Titanfall 2

Shock, horror, 2016’s darling FPS title is at the bottom of our list! This is bound to stir up a hornet’s nest of outrage but, as good as Respawn’s Titanfall 2 is, it doesn’t do quite enough to top this year’s other offerings. Sure, Titanfall 2’s pilot/mech single player campaign was a decent enough story, but it was still a predictable 5-hour romp, full of entirely forgettable antagonists that won’t live long in the mind. Indeed, the campaign might have added some much-needed depth to the universe of Titanfall, but we feel it isn’t the tour de force that many are claiming it to be.

That all being said, this year’s competition is tough, and though Titanfall 2 isn’t as high on our list as many would undoubtedly like it to be, that doesn’t mean it’s a bad game. On the contrary, we had an absolute ball with Titanfall 2, and the addition of a solid campaign was a welcome addition to proceedings, even if it wasn’t the most memorable.


There aren’t many FPS titles that boast level design as accomplished as Titanfall 2, the game employing some neat tricks to make use of its awesome wall running mechanics. In terms of sheer gameplay, the title just feels superb to play, and its gunplay is up there with the best of them, too.

Ultimately, Titanfall 2 is a great FPS title, and in any other year, it might well have been in number 1 spot. As with every video game, if the theme and story speak with you, aka if you’re a fan of the game’s mech combat and futuristic premise, then this is likely going to be a must-buy. For those less enamored with its thematic setting, though, there are other more accomplished shooters out there this year that offer a better all-round experience.

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