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Best incredibly powerful monotype Pokémon of each type

These have to be the most powerful Pokémon in their respective types.

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There are over 900 Pokémon for you to catch and collect. And out of all of them, it’s hard to decide on which ones are powerful. What counts as powerful anyway? Is it the moves they can learn? Is it their IV stats that define their power? Or is it their nature or the way they’re built? There is so much to consider when deciding which one is the greatest.

Since its release back in 1996, Pokémon released different types in all shapes and sizes. And with 18 types in total, the franchise can showcase in each installment how each of these creatures is unique, both in looks and abilities.

So from the common to the legendary, here are the best and most powerful monotypes of each type.

Normal – Ditto

Ditto has to be the most powerful normal-type Pokémon, no doubt. With its shapeshifting abilities and rumors that they’re failed experiments on the legendary Pokémon, Mew, this tiny blob is a creature not worth messing with.

Fire – Entei

One of the most powerful legendaries in the Johto region, Entei is a legendary beast you don’t want to mess with. This creature’s natural ability is pressure, which allowed it to demonstrate more of its power of flame and magma. According to its Pokédex entries in Gold and Silver, this Pokémon can make volcanoes erupt with just its roars alone.

“Volcanoes erupt when it barks. Unable to restrain its extreme power, it races headlong around the land.”

Water – Wailord

Fun fact about Wailord, it’s heavier than the legendary Pokémon Kyogre by 46kg. So what makes this Pokémon the most powerful water-type in comparison to a legendary Pokémon? According to various Pokédex entries, Wailord can not only swim down to 10,000 feet but are strong enough to beat predators from attacking Wailmer. And also, look at that thing! It’s a giant whale!

“When a small Wailmer is attacked by Sharpedo or Dhelmise, its whole pod works together to protect it”

Grass – Tangrowth

Just like Wailord, Tangrowth dominates in size among the grass-type Pokémon. They have a natural hidden ability called “Regenerator” that allows them to constantly heal themselves. Also, it’s a dangerous predator in the wild as it can use its vines to catch its prey.

Electric – Pachirisu

For a lot of people, Pikachu is the first name that comes to mind when it comes to electric-type Pokémon. But despite it being the mascot, it’s not that yellow mouse that’s the most powerful. The reason why I dub Pachirisu the most powerful electric-type Pokémon is due to what happened in 2014.

During the Pokèmon World championship finals in 2014, Pachirisu was able to survive and defeat the most powerful Pokémon that’s commonly used in competition. The fact that this small and cute electric- type defeated Pokémon such as Salamence – a dragon-type Pokémon.

Pachirisu taught the world that looks can be deceiving and never judge a Pokémon by its cover.

Ice – Regice

Regice is part of the Regi Quintet, with its body made of ice from the Ice Age. According to its Pokédex entries, it can survive very cold temperatures, as low as -382 F degrees. And also, it is rumored that it can freeze any nearby Pokémon.

“Regice cloaks itself with frigid air of -328 degrees Fahrenheit. Things will freeze solid just by going near this Pokémon. Its icy body is so cold, it will not melt even if it is immersed in magma.”

Fighting – Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan

If there is a battle royale where all the fighting-type Pokémon can duke it out, I would pay so much money to see that. There are so many fighting types of Pokémon that it led to a tie between Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan.
These two Pokémon have similar yet unique fighting styles and we had to choose between one of them back in the mainline games. Both of them come from the same basic Pokémon Tyrogue and its evolution is triggered depending on its attack or defense stat. Who would you choose?

Poison – Muk

While it’s true that Muk turns into a dark-poison type in the Alolan variant in Generation VII, let’s appreciate its original form that was first introduced in Generation I. Muk is a giant poisonous sludge filled with toxic fluids. It also has the natural ability “stench” which reduces the encounter rate of wild Pokémon, making it a poison-type you don’t want to mess with.

Also, according to the Pokémon fandom page, it has the highest attack points of all the other Poison-type Pokémon, making this creature powerful indeed.

Ground – Groudon

If we have to talk about ground-types, nothing can beat the sheer power of Groudon. It is said that this legendary Pokémon can control and shape the land and was later put to rest after its duel with Kyogre. In the games, Team Aqua and Magma feared this Pokémon when they were unable to control it for themselves.

Flying – Tornadus

There are not a lot of Mono-flying types in the game. There are only three in fact. So pinpointing the most powerful flying-type isn’t difficult at all. Tornadus is a member of the Forces of Nature that was introduced in Generation V. Its Pokédex entries say that this Pokémon can move up in the sky up to 200 mph and is strong enough to blow houses away.

“Tornadus expels massive energy from its tail, causing severe storms. Its power is great enough to blow houses away.

The lower half of its body is wrapped in a cloud of energy. It zooms through the sky at 200 mph.”

Psychic – Mewtwo

Mewtwo has been featured in a lot of Pokémon content and was the false antagonist in Detective Pikachu. This Pokémon is so powerful that bad guys will do whatever it takes to control this creature for their own personal gain.

Bug – Pinsir

Out of the mono-bug types, Pinsir has to be the most powerful and scary-looking bug Pokémon. Its body is shaped like a stag beetle and has pincers that can split foes in half. And if a Pinsir has the natural ability “Hyper Cutter”, there is no way you can decrease its attack stats.

Rock – Sudowoodo

Sudowoodo is a prime example of ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’. Just by looking at it, it looks like a grass-type when in fact it’s a rock-type. What makes that good is that grass-types are stronger against water, meanwhile rock is weak against water. Trainers will be deceived and will not use this Pokémon’s weakness. According to its Pokédex entry, it camouflages itself as a tree to protect itself from predators.

“Sudowoodo camouflages itself as a tree to avoid being attacked by enemies. However, because the forelegs remain green throughout the year, the Pokémon is easily identified as a fake during the winter.”

Ghost – Dusknoir

Out of all the mono-ghost type Pokémon, Dusknoir has to be the toughest and perhaps the most mysterious. This semi-humanoid Pokémon is the final evolution form of Duskull and it is said that it can travel between physical and spiritual realms. Some say it helps guide spirits home, others say it eats souls.

Dark – Darkrai

Darkrai has to be the most powerful dark-type Pokémon in the franchise as it’s known to give people and Pokémon nightmares. And in order to free yourself from these bad dreams, you need to find a lunar wing from Cresselia. If that’s not scary, we don’t know what is.

Dragon – Rejidorago

Rejidorago is the latest Pokémon introduced in the Regi Quintet. And while its body is small, do not underestimate its power. According to its Pokédex entry, it has the powers of all the dragon-type Pokémon. The reason why it’s small is that there were not enough crystals to form a body.

“An academic theory proposes that Regidrago’s arms were once the head of an ancient dragon. The theory remains unproven. Its body is composed of crystallized dragon energy. Regidrago is said to have the powers of every dragon Pokémon.”

Steel – Melmetal

Melmetal has to be not only the strongest but possibly the scariest steel-type Pokémon in the game. Unlike other Pokémon like Slowpoke that evolves if its tail or head gets bitten, this Pokémon evolves through merging itself with multiple Meltans, which in itself is frightening.

Fairy – Sylveon

Sylveon has to be the most powerful fairy-type in the game. Not only is this Pokémon part of the Eeveelutions, but this Pokémon created outrage among those who played Pokémon Legends: Arceus. You see, Sylveon has the same evolution conditions as Umbreon and Espeon. All three evolve through friendship with the trainer depending on the time of day. But for Eevee to evolve to this cute pink Pokémon, it also has to have a Fairy-type move.

Also, Fairy-types are stronger against dragon-types. Can you imagine these cute little Pokémon going against something like a Salamance?

“There’s a Galarian fairy tale that describes a beautiful Sylveon vanquishing a dreadful dragon Pokémon.”

Each Pokémon is unique in their own way but there are some that have the potential to be the strongest. And while most people will eye out the legendaries, we must not forget the potential of everyday and common Pokémon.

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